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Web Design

Web Design Services

We will assist you in developing the content of your site so that it looks, feels and reads professionally.

Web Design Layout:

We have many years of experience in web site design and layout. Your site can have as much punch, or be as subtle as you like, by allowing us to design the proper graphics and layout to go with the content of your site.

Graphic Manipulation:

Coming up with, or designing from scratch, the proper graphics for your site is only the first step. Studies have shown that if your site doesn’t load in the first 8- seconds, your visitor will probably move on to someone else’s site. We will optimize and manipulate all graphics on your site to enhance the speed that it loads and the quality of the presentation.

Domain Name Registration:

If you would like your own domain name, ( we can register this for you for a minimal feed. There will be a yearly renewal for the continuance of the ownership of the domain. We will host your domain on our DNS servers and publish your site on our super-fast, super-reliable web servers for our regular hosting charges.

Website Design – Basic Costs:

Each website we design can, if desired, include custom graphics and a small 3-D animation or logo at no extra charge. Hosting space and Submissions to free search engines and other link lists are included as noted in each package.

Site promotion to search engines and link lists is included in most of our packages. This service is also available for websites anywhere (you don’t have to host with us) Call us for current pricing.

Site Maintenance:

Minor changes (changing out a single internet-ready picture, small text changes, etc.) can be accomplished quickly, usually at no charge. Major changes can be quoted at your request.