Digital Monkey

Getting started with your small business

If you are unfamiliar with how this all works, this is the usual process of development. (This can vary depending on your needs)

Step 1. Send us information about your company, products and services. We convert to a web format that is easily to understand. (Keeping it simple and as few words as possible).
Suggestions for web site content include:
· Your existing brochures, sales literature, flyers
· Company information, history, news, events
· Products and services offered, price lists
· Press releases, new product announcements
· Order forms, applications, enrollment forms
· Company officers, board members
· Disks containing text files for the above
· Your logo, photographs, graphics
· If needed, you can get ideas for the above by reviewing the materials (brochures, forms, ads, web sites) of companies similar to yours

Combining all the information into a usable layout that can be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Images will be optimized for the Internet so your site will load quickly even on the slowest modems

Publish the web site to the Internet for your review. Changes will be made to your satisfaction and recommendations.

Suggestions: I may suggest other methods because the web is different than other mediums (television, books, newspapers…. etc.)

Animations. Even though they look cool at first, they tend to distract the reader from the information presented on the page. Banners and busy backgrounds are discouraged.

In order to display your website on the internet you will need a Host Server.

Hosting – What is it ?

A web hosting service provides you with space online for your website. We store the files on a web server that is connected to the Internet all the time. Stability and speed are very important.

Finding a Web Host

We have a fast redundant connections to the back bone of the Internet, therefore we are dependable and economical. We have a monthly payment plan, no contracts, no hidden fees, no games.

We have size options of space with e-mails, e-mail forwards depending on your needs. If your worried about space, basic web pages are small. It would take hundreds of pages to fill up the space. If your heavy into graphics or animation’s, lots of products with photos, double or triple the normal space needed.

You will need to decide if you want or need a domain name.

We can either use (no charge) or create a new one through different registrars.

You will need your own domain name if you are offering on-line credit card processing.

Publishing is the next step.

Your website will be submitted to popular free search engines.

Recently the most popular search engines changed their status from a free submission to charging several hundred dollars a year.

If you would like to be submitted to them, please add the additional cost.

Marketing your company can be done in several ways.

Asking other web sites that are similar to your interest are very effective.

Sending out a small e-mail text letter to past customers is another way to advertise something new.

We can help you modify your site to attract the best customers

Maintenance for your site after the initial startup is important to your survival.

Minor changes such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers and company information will require some attention.

The search engines will also “drop” you if the site is left unchanged over a long period of time.

Any external links to other web sites will also need to be verified for availability periodically.

(A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep everything current).

Statistical software will keep track of who visits your web site. This can be used to see how effectively surfers are finding you.

View search engine hits by keyword
View referring URL statistics
View Raw access and error logs

It will take several months to see an actual return on your time, energy and investment. Depending on the “supply and demand” ratio, some sites are very slow to grow. Even the slowest web site will generate business, because it covers such a wide group of people searching for products and services. The more unique you are the higher your chances of return.