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We are located in Texas, USA. 

If you care to know, How it all began. One day sitting around the office in Old Town Spring we were thinking “what should we call ourselves?”.  We wanted something easy to spell and unique so people would remember our name.  So we started with words, “digital something, but what?”.  So we added funny things like animals and the one that stuck was monkey.  Lucky for us, That domain was available and that is how Digital Monkey began back in 1997. 

At that time my main focus was web design / graphic design so it fit very well.  Shortly thereafter we added laser engraving machines, vinyl cutters, and sand blasting equipment.  (That business was under another name and that business closed in 2009 due to other circumstances.) 

I kept the “Digital Monkey” side of the business.  We moved from the big city of Houston to  the tiny little town of Woodville, Tx so we can spend time with our families.  We don’t have a brick and mortar store anymore, so to cut expenses we are an online based business only which saves you lots of money. 

We may not have as inventory as big named companies who shall remain unnamed but we strive to make you happy with your purchases and we bring a great deal of experience that other engravers might not have available. Creating something custom, is a work of art.   In 2020, we resurrected the domain “” and so we use both digital monkey and precious gift engraving websites.