About Us


One day sitting around the office we were thinking what should we call ourselves.  We wanted something easy to spell and unique so people would remember us.  So we started with words, digital something.  We liked the word digital so we added funny things like animals and the one that stuck was monkey.  Lucky for us, the domain was available and so that is how Digital Monkey began back in 1997.




At that a time I focused on graphic design so it fit very well.  Shortly thereafter we added laser engraving machines, vinyl cutters, and sand blasting equipment.

Fast forward to 2018, 22 years later we have gained a great deal of experience with laser engraving and graphics. 

We have moved from the big city of Houston to a tiny little town so we are an online based business now which lets us enjoy more time with the family. While the machine is still running making your favorite things.

 We may not have as many choices as big named companies but we strive to make you happy with your purchase and we bring a great deal of experience that other engravers might not have available. 

Creating something custom, is a work of art.


Meet the Team



Tedra Ortega
Owner / Graphic Designer
andrea.jpg Andrea Wasson
Assistant Marketing Manager
Graphic Designer