Metal Marking

The metal marking process is one of the highest quality processes available. Using the power and speed of lasers we provide nondestructive, high contrast, permanent marks on a variety of substrates, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Our products are lead and cadmium-free, water-based materials which means they are environment friendly.
Possible Applications

  • Serialization
  • Part Identification
  • Corporate Logo Marking
  • FAQs:

What metals can we mark?

Our process has been tested on stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, silver, and titanium.

How long will the marks last? How tough are they?

Marks made with our process are permanent and are generally considered to be as tough as the metal they are made on. Physical testing has shown them to be resistant to several common strong acids, bases, organic solvents and extreme heat or cold. The process also has good salt spray resistance, scratch resistance and UV resistance.

How high or thick are the marks?

Marks made with our process have been examined by scanning electron microscope and have been found to be approximately estimated 10 microns high.

Will the metal marking process work on coated metals?

No. If the metal has a protective coating on it, the coating must be removed before it can be marked. The protective coating will interfere with the process’ ability to bond to the surface of the metal.

Will the metal marking process work on anodized metals?

Many metals are commonly laser marked by anodizing the metal, then removing the anodized surface with the laser, and we do offer this service. While this is common and looks very good, the removed areas are no longer protected by the anodizing process. The metal marking process has generally been found to not work on anodized metals, but in some cases satisfactory results have been reported. We recommend experimentation if possible to determine if our process will work in your particular application.

What other colors for metal are currently available?

Currently we only offer a black mark on metal substrates. (Other colors are available for non-metals.) Research efforts are underway to develop additional colors for metal.

We have a large selection of STAINLESS TAGS and metal gifts that can be marked with this process of metal marking.